Welcome, Friends! 💖

Welcome to Soulful Healthy Living! This website is dedicated to encouragement and empowerment to live our best lives. May we all know the joy and freedom of being true to ourselves and living our dreams. © 2017 Soulfulhealthyliving.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Embrace Yourself 💖

Be your authentic self without apology! Love yourself! You’re worthy and deserving of all your desires manifesting. Look around at all the many people, situations, and things to appreciate. 🙏 Feel the sweet relief from basking in all that is right and wonderful in your world! 😀 You are a beloved child of the universe. […]

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Never Too Old 💖

You’re never too old to follow your dreams. You’re never too old to love yourself and others. You’re never too old to embrace possibilities. You’re never too old to live your best life. 💖 Keep shining, friends, and thank you for sharing this journey with me! 🙏❤️

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Investing in Our Dreams ❤️

What is playing it safe ~ 1) sticking with what you’ve always done, being afraid to live authentically, and not following your dreams or 2) taking chances on yourself and living your best life? After being laid off from my full-time job last December, I have been thinking about starting a business on Topsail Island. […]

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Go For It!

What if our dreams coming true is a real possibility and closer than we think? What if it all starts with our beliefs? 💖 🤔 We will never know if we don’t give our dreams a chance by acting on our souls’ nudging, our bliss, and our excitement. Let’s take the necessary chances to live […]

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Here and Now 💖

Making peace with life is the key. It’s releasing the struggle. Here and now, all is well. All answers are available and provided in divine timing. It may not be the timing we want but knowing the solution is coming provides relief. Unnecessary stress has become a way of life for us. We often forget […]

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I See ❤️

I see through the eyes of love. I know love is the answer to all questions. I breathe in new life and exhale the past. I forgive myself and all others. We are all free to begin anew. I know all things are possible. I love knowing the power that creates worlds is available to […]

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