Keeping Christmas Magic

Isn’t it interesting that during the holidays there are so many television shows about Christmas magic? People are falling in love in delightful ways. Unique opportunities arise for prosperity (giving and receiving). People are brought together to forgive old experiences. Psychological and emotional wounds are healed. Stories of Santa Claus, elves, and angels abound. And then of course, there is the magic of Christmas with the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could keep this sense of awe and expectation of miracles occurring throughout the year? What if we knew things were always working out for us? What if our focus remained on love and joy throughout the year?

It’s my intent to keep the magic of Christmas alive in my life now and throughout 2018. I’m going to call it a social experiment of good will bestowed upon myself and all others. I’m keeping the magic alive in my life, knowing all things are possible if we believe.

I’m including pictures of my Christmas cactus as a symbolic reminder to keep expecting my life to blossom in expected and unexpected ways.

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