Blessings and Appreciation

Sometimes we are given reasons to just smile and say “thank you.” I’m learning to consciously appreciate the blessings in my life more and more. Several years ago, I went through some really hard experiences. As a result, I decided to write posts about various things, people, and situations that I appreciated for 100 days. I shared the posts with friends on Face Book. After 75 days, I narrowed the number of people that I shared the posts with from approximately 700 people to less than 100 friends. I ended up writing 200 days of appreciation.

I didn’t post every single day and I didn’t force myself to post if I wasn’t really feeling appreciation for something. The overall experience was greatly satisfying and in a sense it changed my life. I realized that my life is full and rich even if everything is not exactly the way I want it to be. I still continue to appreciate daily but not as openly as before.

Today I appreciate an unexpected call from a kind friend, sharing the afternoon and evening spent with my beautiful 9 year old son, seeing dolphins in the ocean, the gorgeous sunset, and most of all – I appreciate the love that fills my world. I appreciate having the courage to start this blog. I appreciate knowing that things always work out for me. I love that my life continues to get better and better. I look forward to living the life of my dreams. Thank you universe, for expected and unexpected blessings arriving in ways that surprise and delight me, reminding me that life is suppose to feel good. I bask in acknowledging that I am never alone and the energy that creates worlds has my back.

Here are a few pictures of the blessings in my life today.

5 thoughts on “Blessings and Appreciation

  1. Thank you for including me in the 100 friends that were able to see your 200 days of appreciation. I was working 3k miles from home; Homesick and overworked/underpaid for what I was doing and your posts helped me realize the good in it all. 😉

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