Friends are a Blessing!

I really appreciate making new friends (online and in person). I recently had the good fortune of becoming friends with several lovely ladies in my local community. It is heart-warming to have good friends to share laughter, tears, a wonderful meal, and a movie. Not only am I blessed with a supportive network of friends in my small town, I also belong to a loving spiritual community online and in a nearby larger city. I enjoy and appreciate the love I give and receive with others and deepening my relationships with them.

I worked non-stop for years in an effort to get ahead financially and in my personal life. I am now embracing the simpler things in life more often, like spending quality time with family and friends, walking on the beach, taking photos of nature, and following my heart’s desires.

I love how my life continues to get better and better in expected and unexpected ways. It’s amazing how gratifying the simple things in life are and how much friends enhance our lives. I encourage you to be open to new friendships in your life too. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I am sending out a very special, “Thank You,” to my closest friends, my life-long friends from High School and military service, my friends on Topsail Island, and my friends at Unity of Wilmington! You enrich my life more than you know and I love you!


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