Positive Affirmations for the Day ❤️

My affirmations today are: I am delighted with expected and unexpected opportunities that support my best life. I am love, harmony, prosperity, and happiness!

I have intentionally said positive affirmations (off and on again) for approximately 20 years. I was introduced to the power of affirmations in the books by Louise Hay. Affirmations are said in the present tense. Positive affirmations are an intention for what you want in your life. Louise Hay recommended saying your affirmations repeatedly throughout the day and saying them while looking in a mirror.

I would love to read one or more positive affirmations from you too. Let’s create some positive momentum and bask in the knowledge that things are always working out for us. 💜❤️💖💙💚 Don’t be shy. Enjoy the feeling of expecting good things in your life.

Have a great day, friends! 😀🎉☀️

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