Here and Now πŸ’–

Making peace with life is the key. It’s releasing the struggle. Here and now, all is well. All answers are available and provided in divine timing. It may not be the timing we want but knowing the solution is coming provides relief.

Unnecessary stress has become a way of life for us. We often forget to trust and have faith. We’re so busy trying to solve our problems, get ahead, and accomplish something. If only we truly understood; our desires are arriving through the path of least resistance. Not through the struggle and strain, but through ease. Not by competition but with cooperation. Not by pain but in joy. Not by fear but with love.

Our unseen blessings arrive when we are no longer standing guard against perceived threats and worrying. Give yourself a break. Nurture yourself at every opportunity. Follow your bliss. Ignore the nay-sayers. Your desires are lining up for you and your dreams are coming true. ❀️ If you believe…

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