Investing in Our Dreams ❤️

What is playing it safe ~ 1) sticking with what you’ve always done, being afraid to live authentically, and not following your dreams or 2) taking chances on yourself and living your best life?

After being laid off from my full-time job last December, I have been thinking about starting a business on Topsail Island. I’ve been nervous about it and doing a lot of research on what it takes to create a successful small business. Friends have been encouraging me and pushing me forward. However, I have been only looking for full-time employment. I have been afraid to take a chance on entrepreneurship, even though I really want to do it.

Surprisingly, I was recently offered to return to work for my previous employer. I will be working as a consultant on a part-time basis. The good news is the part-time employment will pay me enough to meet my basic financial obligations and give me enough time off to invest in starting a business. It’s as if the universe keeps nudging me forward. So I have finally decided that I am going ahead with starting a small business. I will share more on here soon because the business will also include a blog about Topsail Island. ❤️💜😀🌈

Let’s live our best life and follow our dreams as much as possible! We are never going to feel the manifestation of our dreams coming true, if we don’t take a chances. 💫👍✨

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