Spread Your Wings and Fly

We do not help ourselves or anyone when we hide our light and our unique talents due to fear and worry of criticism from others. Often people can only love and approve of others to the extent that they love and approve of themselves. Keep believing in yourself regardless of any challenges ahead.

It seems so early in life that we yearn for approval from others. Gage, (my 9-year old son), was telling me about kids laughing at him in school and how it hurt his feelings. How do we teach our little ones to just keep expecting the best and to learn that it’s not our job to please others? It’s our job to please ourselves and live our best lives. I’m teaching Gage to take the high road, to continue to be kind to others, and to forgive himself and others.

Don’t be scared to live, love, and laugh. It may sound corny to others who are caught up in negativity and pointing out flaws in people and in the world in general but who cares… I truly believe that life is meant to be good and embraced. We all deserve to be true to ourselves and to live our very best lives. ❀️🌈

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