Living the Dream 🙏💖

I believe in the extraordinary being common place in my world. I am at ease in trusting my guidance and expecting the best in all areas of my life. I choose to embrace this life with my heart wide open. I breathe in well-being and radiate appreciation. I see the silver lining in all things. I see possibilities where others have doubt. I’ve learned to grow through all experiences. I allow and respect others to disagree with me and do things their own way. I know there are many paths and no one right way.

9 thoughts on “Living the Dream 🙏💖

  1. “I am at ease in trusting my guidance and expecting the best in all areas of my life.” I feel like I have just gotten on the road to this one….The others, I’ve got down pretty well. I am a relative newbie though with less than a year under my belt. So incredibly happy to have found AH LOA.

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    1. I’m so glad that we are all in this together. It’s a moment by moment process, with lots of soothing along the way! 💜❤️💖💙💚🙏🌈✨🎉


        1. Moment by moment gentle soothing and remembering things are always working out. We don’t have to figure everything out. And basking and appreciation big time! 😘💖❤️💜💙💚 have a lovely day! 😃

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          1. Thank you. I think it’s the word “soothe” that causes me to scratch my head. I need to make understanding it AND self-soothing an immediate priority. I still struggle with it sometimes as I’m sure is obvious. Never experienced it so…… Lol, it’s never too late!

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          1. I so love laughing! Because I’m a writer and artist I spend WAY too much time home by myself so not many opportunities for laughter (although I am looking for them. My dog makes me laugh sometimes.) I just broke into spontaneous dancing yesterday to a song on the radio so I’ve definitely come a LONG way in my short life as a “Hammer” 🙂 When I started my “tuned in” novel, something in me changed and I am having so much fun writing it.

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            1. I also love laughing. Somehow, as adults, we have been socialized to believe that to be taken seriously, we must always be serious. 💖❤️✨ Here’s to more ease, fun, and laughter! 🤣

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