Love One Another ðŸ’–

It seems like most people spend their days working, rushing from one experience to another, wanting to get ahead in life. We are so busy that often we do not take the time to appreciate the small blessings in our lives. We sometimes forget about friends and loved ones. We may not take the time to be supportive and nurturing to one another.

I believe in random acts of kindness and giving back to others. Today I’m making time to visit with a dear friend, who has been placed on hospice care. As I know tomorrow is not promised, I choose to appreciate often, forgive easily (myself and others), to breathe deeply, to know well being abounds, to be kind and loving. Even a small gesture of a smile can make a difference in some else’s life. You never know the impact of kind words or doing small chores for others.

Here’s to choosing love for ourselves and all others, making peace with life moment by moment, and living our very best lives now. Let’s slow down to bask in all that is right and beautiful in our lives.

Have a wonderful day, friends! ❤️

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