Wise and Wealthy ❤️

As kids we learn through the media that having “things” is important ~ toys, gadgets, computers, clothes, jewelry, nice cars, houses, anything material (bling as it’s called today). 😉However, all of those “things” are illusory. Material possessions cannot bring lasting happiness. Peace and happiness are cultivated from within moment by moment. I love knowing that […]

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Live the Life You Love! ❤️

Hello Friends, I hope you’re doing awesome! It’s been awhile since I posted on the blog. I’ve been busy with meeting potential clients to grow my business (Topsail Life) and enjoying life! 💖😍 Even though I have a lot going on, I always remember to appreciate and bask every day. I am eternally grateful for […]

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New Beginnings ❤️

Every moment is a new beginning. We always have choices to love and live anew. We are not stuck in a holding pattern unless we choose to be. No matter the situation, no one has control of your thoughts and beliefs. Each one of us is free to live a life of peace, ease, love, […]

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We are Worthy 💖

It seems like most of us have been socialized to believe we “should” be perfect in one way or another. We may think that we are not good enough at certain things, like sports or art, or anything really. It’s as if we have been conditioned to make excuses to not follow our dreams and […]

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