No Explanation Necessary

It’s perfectly fine to be happy. If you only look to the media for inspiration and information, it seems like we are living in a world of chaos and fear. However, it is important to remember that “fear” sells and it keeps people in a state of disempowerment. I often lovingly suggest to friends and […]

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Hold on Loosely

There have been so many times in my life where I’ve passionately wanted a specific outcome to manifest. Maybe you can relate to that as well. But yearning, grasping, and feeling needy about something is similar to not trusting life. It’s a feeling that the specific desire is necessary to being happy or fulfilled. Yet […]

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Happy Belated Valentines Day! ❤️

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! 💖 I hope everyone either enjoyed Valentine’s Day or made peace with it. So many people put too much of an emphasis on Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t it be grand if loving kindness (in general) was promoted throughout the year? Here are my favorite Valentine’s presents from Gage. 💜❤️💖💙💚😍

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Paradise is a State of Mind

We all want our desires to manifest as soon as possible. We often think life will be easier and we will be happier when we… get the new job, lose the extra weight, meet that special someone, buy this or that… This list goes on and on. However, as soon as we get the thing […]

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The Most Powerful

The most powerful thing in the world is LOVE. I know it may sound corny but it’s true. I always tell my son, Gage, that my super power is love. Giving feels just as good as receiving. Plus there is a never ending supply. Don’t save it up. It feels good to love and be […]

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I appreciate you!

I appreciate all of the people who encourage and inspire me to live my best life! 💖 I appreciate all of my friends and family! I appreciate the love that fills my world! 🙏 I love knowing that we are all in this together! Thank you for reading my blog posts! I hope you have […]

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