Relaxing into Well-Being

I like knowing there is no rush. I appreciate that love, peace, and ease fill my world. I trust that my desires manifest easily through the path of least resistance. I release the need to figure everything out. I let go of worries as my wounds from the past have healed. I bask and appreciate almost constantly. My momentum builds towards the life of my dreams. I have faith that moves mountains. I know my deserve-ability and worth, no longer needing confirmation from others. I forgive easily and let all others off the hook. There is no desire nor need to blame and criticize. We are all free. This is a brand new moment in time. I embrace fresh opportunities. I breathe deeply. I see with eyes of love. I smile and laugh often. I trust the best is yet to come while milking every joyous experience along the way. And so it is…

8 thoughts on “Relaxing into Well-Being

  1. I L-O-V-E this post (so much that I shared it)! Just recently I found a quick, easy trick that helps me let go because I too am a thinker (worrier). I just picture myself in (under) water, clinging to that cork that Abraham speaks of. I simply let go of it and it shoots to the surface. I follow it and instead of me holding it down, it buoys me up, supporting me as we flow downstream. Only takes a couple of seconds and oh, it helps me let go! Sometimes I do have to repeat it a few times but I laugh and just keep it up until that bad habit let’s go of me or me of it.

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    1. Hi Beth! Thank you for joining me on WordPress, sharing my post, and commenting! I love that things are always working out for us! I also love your visualization. I’m going to use it too! 😘💖❤️💜🌈🎉🙏 Have a lovely day! 😃

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  2. Hi friend! I tried to comment on one of your blogs this morning…but so far it looks like it hasn’t gone through, so I’m trying again here:
    I’ve been enjoying your blog very much…so, I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award! You are not required to do anything with this nomination (besides enjoy it!) but I thought you might get a kick out of participating.

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